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The city of Casablanca adopts dematerialization of urban planning

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The city of Casablanca adopts dematerialization of urban planning

Streamlining and dematerialization of the process for granting planning authorizations is the goal of the CasaUrba platform which recently launched the simplification of the electronic signature to all the processes that require a legally binding act of authorization for all the communities of the region of Casablanca Settat.


The city of Casablanca will be experiencing a new level of digital transformation. The Casablanca Settat region dematerializes its services for urban planning professionals from beginning to final process with the launching of the new version of CasaUrba. It is the digital platform that manages online procedures for recording, instructing and delivering all applications relating to the activity of urban planning at the regional level.


The new system offers the simplification of the electronic signature “Barid e-sign class 3” to all the processes requiring a legally enforceable act of authorization in partnership with Poste Maroc. The digital platform CasaUrba provides an electronic signature for the issuance of building authorizations, residential permits, derogations, project approvals and monitoring of infringements.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the new system will bring the operations of the local government to another level. Approvals will be more dynamic and fast. This digital transformation is the result of a large association of entities, including the Wilaya of the Casablanca Settat region, CREA (the regional committee for the business environment), the Architects’ Association, the FNPI (Nationale des Promaux Immobiliers) and the municipalities of the region. According to the company mandated to manage the CasaUrba Platform, the filing of files is technically done in digital format only. The applicant is no longer presenting a paper file. The architectural plans and the PVs of the authorized commissions and plans are signed directly on the platform by the hundreds of civil workers from the different administrations.

Also, the platform has a central digital office, which carries out the tasks of scanning and transmitting documents both during input and output, to simplify and make the process of issuing planning authorizations more efficient. In the short run and by making the most of the feedback from users, the CasaUrba platform expects the application of the new system to other administrative procedures. In addition to CasaUrba’s BtoB service for the town planning ecosystem, Casablanca Settat is involved in dematerialized services for professionals and individuals. It is the case with the services provided by Rokhas.ma which was launched to carry out on-line and pay the services related to the various approvals of an economic nature.

Currently, Rokhas.ma has a direct or indirect connection with the implementation of commercial, craft or industrial activities. Three types of authorizations are covered by this platform, namely single-declaration activities, establishments classified as 2nd and 3rd category institutions, and activities related to the livelihood in the public territory. Rokhas also manage the fourth type of authorization falling under the competences of the regions. These include organized activities such as pharmacies and tobacco shops. All the four types of authorization adhere to a precise channel in which the user is guided throughout the procedure. Like CasaUrba, Rokhas.ma plans to introduce the dematerialization of its procedures through the help of the application of the electronic signature class 3 and implement it in more than one hundred communes and various administrative divisions found the region Casablanca Settat.


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