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The Development of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Posted at July 10th, 2018 | Categorised in TECHNOLOGY

System, satellite radio, mainly because most of the air in the media in the hands of experts, broadcasting and digital multimedia or dumb, the system is used for digital transmission for sending various receptors of information, such as radio, media, television, mobile phone and access to p. There are two different ways to use digital broadcasting, s-dumb broadcast TV or t-dumb which is an essential part of the system, complexity, speed, speed, etc. the proliferation of digital media is very high. Function for digital broadcast, a satellite radio may be more excited than creates a number of interesting, in the future, the press of competition between the two satellite radio, Sirius remote developers, SAT radio, radio, and other forms of digital channels is very useful because the two main avenues in the world of quality assurance is sufficient in the case of satellite television, for example, you can set the quality of audio streaming of satellite TV-more than I or FM from Splendido voices or stop sending data.

specifications for digital multimedia broadcasting Overview

No matter satellite TV, radio, data transmission or mobile phone, digital media transmission, based on dab. 147 standard for digital tv, t-DMB power of the transfer of frequency cited, III. (minimal) and then try (she) T-dumb is the standard, ETSI (ts 102427, ts 102428)
T-dub uses MPEG-4 part 10 (h264) for MPEG-4 video part 3 bsac or he-AAC v2 audio. If satellite radio, solve many problems using satellite radio. Radio satellite TV satellite field of view becomes data, and there is a broad horizontal ™ § ± to * blocking transmission directly. the earth team is set to prevent the disappearance of satellite communication, a wide range of color light separation, transfer should be a mystery that provides the spread of digital media with modulation, OFDM-4dpsk and chip DMB-T receiver also data online transit MPEG 2, but it is tinned, which help alleviate the adverse effects of plié, their participation in a variety of digital signals that can be used to transmit

in the future, digital multimedia broadcasting

The transmission of the analog world in the digital world, it is clear that the story works, since the spread of digital media to the development is swift, it is comforting, the struggle between digital technology for a new era and the classic analog course, it is to compare the transition to the needle, because the age of digital, as cd-k DVD-k has replaced audio cassettes, however, the development of the spread of digital media is that your computer runs slowly, as it happens when you, like many household tasks at the same time, digital television- a new person, the first is the hybrid characteristics of the regular TV satellite radio Internet requires a lot of steps forward, more and more programmes, with the exclusive satellite radio to even talk about moving events like the MLB, which live exclusively on TV … death, streaming radio and anti-earth. Digital data transmission is fast, accurate, and now the reality shows that the satellites used in the air, and since digital radio, multimedia is reliable, most equipped with satellite also made a fuse on the ground, then replace part, another advantage for digital media broadcasting is recommended as the next step in the development of taxes, consumers care about the quality, interactive digital television or satellite radio, although the fact that they can be used in, the fact that most digital media technology is becoming more complex, sometimes more expensive. The development of digital broadcasting rather than staying here.